Martial Schools Success Stories


Jeff Cryer – 36 – Cleveland, Ohio


Jeff was completely down and out. He owned a dojo in the heart of Cleveland and, large population or not, just couldn’t keep the lights on – nevermind break even or make a profit. He was a matter of hours of striping down his slatwall and closing his doors forever. Then, he discovered After meticuously studying, learing and implementing all of the business, marketing and teaching techniques the money finally started to flow in. Jeff can now say he is the proud owner of four additional locations.

Stacey Weatherford – 39 – Knoxville, Tennessee


Stacey did not have it going on. In fact, there wasn’t much of anything going on for her namely at her martial arts school in Knoxville. She had zero new enrollments for six straight months leaving her in dyer straights. It was at her most desperate hour that decided to give martial a shot. It worked wonders. In just five short weeks after she completed our training and learning she had enrolled 43 new students.

Keith Livingston – 48 – Merrick, New York


Keith, to say it plainly, was between a rock and a hard place. He had just locked is doors for what he thought was the very last time when a buddy of his told him all about The rest is history. In just a months time he was determined enough to re-open his doors and it paid off in filthy spades – 60 enrollments over two months time. Then another 40 after that. Keith’s life was all turned around for the better thanks to!