2016 Small Business Tips: MA Edition

1. Never Stop Marketing!

One of the easiest principals to understand yet still the most overlooked is that you should always be marketing. There is a litany of ways in which you can do this.

2. The Old Fashioned Way Still Works!

You can always carry passes to your gym or carry rack/business cards with you – you never know who might want one! Another thing you can do is put out new door hangers and “Take Ones” each and every month if not week. Although frowned upon and illegal in some places you can always flyer cars in large lots as long as you are careful and/or you can post your flyers to community boards around town.

3. Prefer Leads? Then Refer them!

Then there is the always effective referral program/contest which is where you can get your existing students to do the leg work for you.

4. Facebook Is Huge!

Be sure to harness the power of Facebook – not only through having a busy Facebook page but learn how to run ads and boost posts, it’s all the rage right now.

5. It’s 2016 – Get Online The RIGHT Way!

Make sure you rank well on Google for all relevant keywords as well as that you have a nice looking website with a lead magnet and lead generation form.

6. Last But Not Least!

Make sure to always call your leads the very next day while your ad or website is still fresh in their mind.